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Duty Days

Several times a year, families will be scheduled for a duty day. One adult member of your child’s family is asked to come in and assist the teachers so that we may adhere to the conditions of our license with respect to adult/child ratios. It is a wonderful way for parents to be involved in their preschooler’s nursery school experience and see their child interact with others. A valid police check is required to do a duty day. Due to ratio requirements, siblings are not permitted to attend duty days. Parents are required to replace themselves should they not be able to attend their scheduled duty day.

School Closures

Our school closes for snow days when school buses in Manotick are not running. You may also call the school after 7:30 am to hear a message confirming school closure that day. We will also send out an email to confirm school closure before 8:00 am.

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When To Keep Your Child At Home

We follow guidelines set out by the Public Health Department regarding childhood illness. You may not bring your child to school if he/she has a fever, has recently vomited, had diarrhea, has a “croup-like” cough or thick, constant runny nose. Please click here to see the Health Department’s Exclusion Policy for other illnesses.

Links We Like

  • First Words – Free preschool speech and language assessments
  • Toy Testing – to help parents choose quality toys for special occasions
  • Mabel’s Labels – personalized labels for things children may lose!

Do you have a favourite web site for parents or children that you’d like to share? Let us know!

Parent Comments

We would like to share some comments from our parents:

‘We couldn’t be happier with MCNS…it’s everything we wanted in a Nursery School and more.  The staff is amazing and all the activities are fun and age appropriate.  Keep up the good work!’ 

‘We have been extremely pleased with everything at MCNS.  Both our daughters have now started their first schooling at MCNS and both have had such a positive experience.  The staff are outstanding!!’

‘Both our children have attended the co-op and what makes it stand out in our minds is the intimate setting, the nurturing from teachers and the variety of crafts and activities offered to the children.  We feel this is an excellent program and provides a terrific foundation for the children to then progress to Kindergarten.’